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If brushing your teeth makes you see red, it’s time to act on gum disease

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No, seeing blood every time you brush is not normal.

You may not know if you have gum disease, but if you see blood in the sink when you brush, or your teeth look like they’ve moved, it’s time to act. 

Maybe you diligently see your dentist for regular cleans, but afterwards your gums hurt more, and the bleeding doesn’t stop. Perhaps you blame your vigorous brushing, your lifestyle, or a gum infection.

The bad news is that left untreated, tooth loss is only part of gum disease. Your overall health can seriously suffer.

The good news is even in severe cases, it could be possible to save your teeth - and the sooner you get onto it, the more likely you’ll keep them.

The EO Perio team can assess exactly what stage you’re at, and get you healthy again. That’s our passion, and it’s what we do best. Book now and start turning your life around today. 

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When it comes to gums, there’s nothing we haven’t seen

No matter what your situation, you’ve come to the right place for your health and happiness

Gums are incredibly complex, and periodontal disease can cause serious problems. To really get on top of it, you want a dentist who’s spent years specialising in periodontics.

  • We’re not here to sell you anything. We’re here to help you deal with a real disease. Our reward is seeing you regain confidence and quality of life.
  • You really matter to us. A lot. So, we spend time with you and listen carefully to properly understand your concerns.
  • No need for a referral, but we’re happy to work closely with your dentist so you get all round great care.
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Dental implants: before and after

See how dental implants could restore your smile

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Call on us,
and call time on gum disease


Call us or send us an appointment request

You don’t need a referral, but we’ll happily work with your dentist if you’d like us to.


Come in and talk to us about your symptoms, your concerns, and your health goals

After a thorough assessment, we’ll give you specialist advice.


We’ll put together a treatment plan

that’s customised to your lifestyle so you can start feeling better right away

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Five great reasons to get specialised help


Save your teeth

Left untreated, periodontal disease can cause you to lose them.


Save your happiness

Periodontitis is unpleasant. Imagine life without pain, bleeding, bad breath, loose teeth or gaps between your gums and teeth.


Trust you’re in expert hands

We’ve treated thousands of patients like you and know how to get an excellent outcome no matter how advanced your condition.


Feel relief that losing your teeth isn’t inevitable

And if you need replacements, a gum specialist is the best person to perform implant surgery.


Get long-term support

 In managing your gums and improve your general health too.  

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How much will gum disease treatment cost?

Consultation from $240

Everyone is different and the cost of your treatment will vary according to your exact situation. We work with you to customise a treatment plan that fits comfortably into your life and your budget.

Some of your treatment may be covered by your health fund. We accept all major health funds.

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How do you treat gum disease?

Read our extensive guide on Gum Disease Treatment Options that covers all the treatment options.

What does gum disease look like?

Read our guide on the Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease and see images on what gum disease looks like.

What causes gum disease?

Why can’t I just see my dentist for gum disease treatment?

You can, and your dentist can also work with a gum disease specialist so that you get the benefit of an expert with years of extra training in understanding and treating gums. And EO Perio is happy to keep your dentist updated and involved in every aspect of your treatment so you receive specialised care and support from all sides.

What if I’m just a vigorous brusher and that’s why my gums always bleed?

Well, the bottom line is, if you brushed vigorously enough to draw blood, you would be causing yourself pain. However, it’s extremely rare for people to brush so hard they actually hurt themselves. If your gums bleed every time you brush, there is a significant possibility you have gum disease. But don’t stress - the sooner you come in and see us, the better your chances are for a full recovery.

Should I see you if I don’t have any gum disease symptoms?

Truthfully, the absolute best time to start seeing a periodontist is when you don’t have any symptoms. It’s a terrific way to be proactive about your general health too. Above all, we can guide you to keep your gums in tip-top shape. And because we are gum experts, we can identify all the risk factors for you personally and spot potential problems long before they develop into serious issues.

I’ve heard that regular cleans at the dentist might fix my problem.

People with gum disease often report that they’ve been having regular cleans and say they just cause more pain without stopping their gums from bleeding. Actually, sometimes the pain and bleeding get worse after a dental clean visit. Further, if your gums are bleeding most times you brush or floss, it’s unlikely that a dental hygienist visit will change the situation. Really, it’s best to see a periodontist straight away. For instance, we can advise you on whether a regular clean will resolve your problem, so you don’t have to go through the whole process in case it doesn’t. 

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Ready to live free from gum disease pain and stress?

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