Charter of Patients Rights

EO Perio endorses and conforms to the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights, which specifies the rights of patients when accessing healthcare in Australia. We endorse the Charter because we believe in its guiding principles:

1. Everyone has the right to access healthcare
2. Everyone has the right to receive healthcare of the highest standard
3. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect

By conforming with the Charter, we engage in genuine partnerships with patients to provide excellent healthcare that is patient-focussed. Such partnerships enable us to assist you with attaining life-long oral health and stability.

You have a right to ACCESS SERVICES
EO Perio will work with you to arrange appropriate access to our dental services at mutually agreed appointment times.

You have a right to SAFETY
Your safety is paramount to EO Perio. We will provide dental treatment with professional care and competence in a safe and supportive environment.

To ensure the best outcomes, all patients are required to complete a medical history accurately and comprehensively. A medical history allows us to identify circumstances that may increase any risks associated with dental care. You may discuss your medical history in person should you wish too. Rest assured, this record will be kept confidential.

In the unlikely occurrence of an adverse event, EO Perio practitioners will communicate openly and honestly with you, and provide support and advice as required.

You have a right to RESPECT
EO Perio values diversity. We will respect you and your culture, your beliefs, your values, and all characteristics that make you a unique individual. Because mutual respect fosters strong relationships, we ask that you extend the same respect to our staff, other patients, and visitors to EO Perio.

You have a right to COMMUNICATION
EO Perio will empower you to make informed decisions about your dental treatment. We will do this by communicating all necessary information in a timely, appropriate, and easily understood manner. Necessary information includes, but is not limited to, appointment planning, treatment options, costs, risks, and post-operative care.

We encourage you to ask questions, raise concerns, and request further information regarding your dental care. We will ensure you also have ample time to discuss your treatment with family and carers.

We commit to communicating openly, honestly, and respectfully at all times.

You have a right to PARTICIPATION
EO Perio is proud to partner with you in your healthcare. Our role in this partnership is to provide professional advice and services that enable you to improve your oral health. Your role in this partnership is to consider the advice we provide and decide how we can best serve your health needs. The best dental outcomes occur when we each fulfil our roles to the best of our ability.

You have a right to PRIVACYEO Perio understands you have chosen to trust us with some of your most personal information. We take this responsibility very seriously and assure you that we will keep all of your information confidential. To this end, we adhere to the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, the Dental Board of Australia’s Code of Conduct for Registered Health Practitioners.

You may access your dental records and we welcome such requests. Should you wish to do so, we will respond to your request promptly while upholding your privacy.

You have a right to COMMENT
EO Perio has an ongoing commitment to excellence. Your feedback is a valuable gauge of whether we are achieving our goal. Therefore, we encourage you to provide compliments, comments, or complaints directly to us in a manner you’re comfortable with. We are happy to receive feedback through face-to-face conversation, phone call, or email.
We will respond to your feedback promptly and with consideration, and endeavour to thoroughly address any concerns you may have.


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